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About the HSRAANZ

Founded in 2001, the Health Services Research Association of Australia & New Zealand (HSRAANZ) supports and promotes the conduct and dissemination of applied research to improve the delivery and organisation of health services in Australia and New Zealand. With a wide range of individual and corporate members from universities, research centres, government departments, independent government agencies, and consumer groups the Association bridges the gap between research and policy, as well as reflecting consumer issues. We also have two special interest groups, focussing on Emerging Researchers and Indigenous Health Services Research, both of which have a prominent role at our main conference. [read more]
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Our latest member interview is with Hamish Robertson, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Services Management, Faculty of Health, UTS.  Hamish's research interests are health and medical geography in the fields of health, ageing and disability.

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    • 04 DEC 18

    President’s Report to the 2018 HSRAANZ Annual General Meeting

    The President’s report to the HSRAANZ Annual General Meeting outlining the Association’s activities over the last 12 months.

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    • 04 DEC 18

    New HSRAANZ Executive Committee

    The Association’s Annual General Meeting on 26 November saw the introduction of our new President, Associate Professor Rachael Morton from the University of Sydney and a new executive team. Thanks were recorded to retiring committee members Kim Dalziel and Jackie Cumming. Jackie was awarded life membership of the Association in recognition of her outstanding service.

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    • 04 DEC 18

    The Pros and Cons of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) – 26 November 2018

    On Monday 26 November 110 delegates gathered at the University of Sydney to consider the pros and cons of PROMS and PREMS. Review the conference papers, slides and photos here. Outputs from the Forum will be position statements on the issues of PROMs and PREMs for quality assurance and benchmarking; and PROMs to guide clinical care. We are also forming a PROMs/PREMs special interest group.

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    • 03 DEC 18

    HSRAANZ Webinar Series – Productivity losses due to premature mortality from cancer in Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) – 13 December 2018

    Alison Pearce will present details of her winning Health Services & Policy Research Paper on the value of productivity lost in 2012 due to cancer-related premature mortality in the major developing economies of Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, China and South Africa (BRICS).

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    • 02 DEC 18

    HSRAANZ 2018 Awards

    The HSRAANZ awards recognise health services researchers and projects that have made significant contributions to the fields of health services research and health policy in Australia and New Zealand. Two competitions were held this year: The HSR Impact Award and the Best HSR Papers of the Year.

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    • 02 DEC 18

    New Issue of PHRP: Focus on Health and Climate Change

    The potential impact of climate change on human health is one of the key public health issues of our time. The latest edition of Public Health Research & Practice (PHRP), a journal of the Sax Institute,  examines how climate change will affect our health, and what public health researchers, policy makers and advocates can do to protect and promote health into the future.

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    • 01 DEC 18

    Flying Blind 2 – Australian Researcher and Digital Health,

    A new report, Flying Blind: Volume 2, makes recommendations to transform research access to health data. It is a collaboration between the newly established Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), the Capital Markets CRC and Research Australia.

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    • 05 NOV 18

    Notice of Election of Ordinary Members of the HSRAANZ Executive 

    In accordance with the Association’s constitution, an election for the four ordinary member positions on the HSRAANZ executive committee is required. The elections will be held online via the HSRAANZ website and results announced at the Annual General Meeting of the Association which is to be held on Monday 26 November at Cullen Room, Level 4, Holme Building, Science Road, University of Sydney NSW 2006

    All financial (i.e. membership paid) members of the association are eligible to vote. The ballot will close Thursday 22 November at midnight.

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