100 Stories, 10 Years, 1 Transformation: A Recent History of NIHR’s Impacts on the Health Research Landscape

The UK  National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is ten years old.  To mark the anniversary, RAND has taken stock of the benefits it has had on the health research landscape since its formation. This includes up to £1 billion a year in assorted programme, faculty, systems and infrastructure funding from the Department of Health for the past decade.

RAND developed 100 evidence-informed narratives, drawn from examples of NIHR's investments. From these 100 case studies, the aim was to identify 10 examples across 10 thematic areas of benefit (a so-called '10 at 10'). Ultimately, the report is an impact synthesis—one that brings together existing evidence of impacts and benefits.

The summary report captures locally-sensitive research helping marginalised groups access care services, through to broad-reaching efforts to improve the ethics of conducting clinical studies. From young to old, from public health to rare diseases, the technological and the social, the nano and the macro: our full collection of 100 case studies brings together, for the first time, the breadth of NIHR's achievements into a single curated, narrated, and substantiated source.