12 Week Online Course in Health Economic Evaluation & Decision Making

The School of Public Health, University of Adelaide is offering a 12 week online course in Health Economic Evaluation & Decision Making.

The course comprises six modules covering the following topics:

Module 1: Key concepts; introduction to quality-adjusted life years; opportunity costs and the cost-effectiveness threshold.
Module 2: Economic evaluation alongside clinical studies; decision trees for economic evaluation.
Module 3: Extrapolating costs and outcomes; state transition models; defining model structures; introduction to model implementation.
Module 4: Estimating input parameter values (transition probabilities; treatment effects; costs; and utility values).
Module 5: Uncertainty analysis (bootstrapping; probability distributions; interpretation).
Module 6: Model performance evaluation (alternative forms of validation, with focus on model calibration).

Each module comprises five on-demand lectures recorded in Storyline, a workbook guided Excel-based practical (with an on-demand solutions video) and a live Zoom-based online clarification session (which is also recorded and available on-demand).

For further details, see https://health.adelaide.edu.au/public-health/short-courses/applied-health-economic-evaluation-and-decision-making



  • I would like to know more about the course and register to join it. The link is not working so please kindly send details to my email at the earliest possible. Expect to start in April. Thank you.

  • Details of that course were from May2018. It does not appear to be running any more. If you go to https://health.adelaide.edu.au/public-health/short-courses it shows all of the short courses currently on offer at Adelaide Public Health.