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    12 Week Online Course in Health Economic Evaluation & Decision Making

    The School of Public Health, University of Adelaide is offering a 12 week online course in Health Economic Evaluation & Decision Making.

    The course comprises six modules covering the following topics:

    Module 1: Key concepts; introduction to quality-adjusted life years; opportunity costs and the cost-effectiveness threshold.
    Module 2: Economic evaluation alongside clinical studies; decision trees for economic evaluation.
    Module 3: Extrapolating costs and outcomes; state transition models; defining model structures; introduction to model implementation.
    Module 4: Estimating input parameter values (transition probabilities; treatment effects; costs; and utility values).
    Module 5: Uncertainty analysis (bootstrapping; probability distributions; interpretation).
    Module 6: Model performance evaluation (alternative forms of validation, with focus on model calibration).

    Each module comprises five on-demand lectures recorded in Storyline, a workbook guided Excel-based practical (with an on-demand solutions video) and a live Zoom-based online clarification session (which is also recorded and available on-demand).

    For further details, see https://health.adelaide.edu.au/public-health/short-courses/applied-health-economic-evaluation-and-decision-making



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