• 02 MAR 17

    New proposed health data report misses many of the marks

    In this article from The Conversation Stephen Duckett and Lucille Danks, from the Grattan Institute look at the way we measure the health systems performance at the moment and proposals from the heads of Australia’s health departments for a single performance report instead of the three we have currently.

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    • 01 MAR 17

    Loopholes must be closed to improve the value of pharmaceutical care in Australia

    In this Croakey Article , Professor Jon Karnon and Dr Laura Edney from the University of Adelaide and Associate Professor Michael Sorich from Flinders University describe how PBS pays more than it should for medicines due to a failure to match price reductions in patented drugs, when a comparator product goes off patent.

    Tightening up this loophole would save an estimated $500 million a year or more, which the authors argue could then be used to fund high value care elsewhere in the health system.

    This proposal should be of great interest to the Federal Government which is currently in the process of developing the 2017/18 Federal Budget.

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