Slides and Video from our latest webinar on “Obesity and General Practice” now available


Managing obesity is a major and increasing challenge for the Australian Health System. While GPs have an important role in the assessment and management of obesity and its complications, the intensity of support required for most obese patients to achieve and maintain weight loss is much higher than the amount of support it is possible to provide in routine practice.

Despite this GPs have limited referral options and relatively few patients are referred for more intensive behavioural or surgical interventions. There are a range of patient, practitioner and system factors that influence GPs decision to refer patients for weight management support, some of which can be addressed to improve referral.

One alternative to external referral is for patients to be offered more intensive, structured programs within general practice by practice nurses. This has a number of advantages but requires training, quality control and adequate funding to ensure that it is effective and sustainable.

Webinar participants will obtain:

  • An understanding of the issues around the management of obesity in primary care
  • A clearer view of what referral options are needed and the role that local health authorities and PHNs could play in developing these
  • An opportunity to express interest in involvement in further research in this area.

COMPaRE-PHC is a Centre for Research Excellence involving Universities and collaborating organisations across three states. The Centre is focused on conducting and translating research on weight management and obesity prevention into primary health care. This webinar will present some of the findings from the Centre’s research on the pathways for the management of obesity in primary care.

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Webinar Slides


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