HSRAANZ Webinar - Designing Evidence-Informed and Cost-Effective Primary Health Services 17 October 2018

HSRAANZ Webinar – Primary Care Stepping Up (2): a strory of the early adopters. Presented by Dr Lesley Middleton and Phoebe Dunn 15 October 2018

HSRAANZ Webinar - Balancing a Health Services Research Career with Family Life. Presented by Professor Julie Ratcliffe on 11 October2018

HSRAANZ Webinar – Primary Care Stepping Up: learning and outcomes from the New Zealand Health Care Home Programme - Helen Parker, Director, Pinnacle Ventures and Health Care Home Strategic Lead

Improving the Delivery of Value-Based Personalized Cancer Care Services: Linking HTA and Health Services Research. Maarten J. IJzerman, VCCC Professor and Head of Cancer Health Services Research in the School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne

Health Care Regulation: Time for a Fundamental Reset? Steven Lewis, President, Access Consulting Ltd.

Practical Creation & Management of Discrete Choice Experiments for Health Valuation Studies - Ben White, Partner SurveyEngine GmbH (Germany)

Excellent Scientific Writing - Associate Professor Liz Tynan PhD, James Cook University Graduate Research School,

An Introduction to Health Services Research - 17 April 2018

Why do so many technology projects in healthcare fail? A new framework for studying the non-adoption, abandonment and failure of scale-up, spread and sustainability (NASSS) of health and care technologies.

What role does performance information play in securing improvement in healthcare?A conceptual framework for levers of change.

Futile treatment and why doctors provide it to patients at the end of life? some empirical findings.

Conclusions versus Decisions in Quantitative Research

Weekend allied health services in rehabilitation

The Harkness Fellowships in Health Care Policy and Practice

Bleeding hearts, profiteers or both? Understanding doctors' fees in an unregulated market.

Needs must: Changing the focus of workforce planning models

Understanding the potential of telehealth for people in remote locations

Developing primary care that is fit for the future: cross-country comparisons

Choosing Wisely – where we came from, where we are going and why we need you.

Strategies to implement evidence: audit and feedback

Commissioning health care in Australia – reflecting on Primary Health Networks.

Obesity and General Practice

Improving health systems - the role of design thinking and operations research

Priority setting and resource allocation in health care: lessons learned and future steps

What Keeps You Strong? Contributing to a Research Program Aimed at Supporting the Wellbeing of Older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Academic-health service partnerships as a translational strategy: panacea or placebo?

Policy Based barriers and enablers to high quality health care provision in aged care settings

Why hospital standardised mortality ratios should be avoided

Social media for health services research: what works and what doesn’t? TWITTER.

Social media for health services research: what works and what doesn’t? TWITTER.

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