• 27 JUN 17
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    Cross-agency taskforce to develop the Government’s response the Productivity Commission’s recommendations on data availability.

    Public feedback is being encouraged on issues around data use to help drive reform in the Australian Government’s data agenda, in particular how government policy should mediate the balance between big data and individual privacy.

    A cross-agency Data Taskforce is leading a whole of government response to the Productivity Commission’s Final Report into Data Availability and Use, released last month. 

    A Data Availability and Use website has also been launched, to provide an overview of the PC Report.

    The PC concluded Australian governments could do a lot more to help organisations make the most of big data, but that consumer rights should also be strengthened and clarified.

    “We are not going to miss this chance,” said Angus Taylor, the Assistant Minister for Digital Transformation, in a statement announcing the new website, which allows the public to provide comments directly to a cross-agency taskforce established in early May to develop the government’s response to the PC recommendations.

    The Task Force is commencing with four specific questions: “Do we collect the right data? Have we got the right privacy settings? Are we encouraging innovation from our data? Is our investment as a Government delivering the returns that it should?”

    “We must move our thinking on data and IT more broadly into one where investment is always focused on outcomes. And I don’t believe that has been the case in the Federal Government in the past.”


    The Australian Government’s response to the Productivity Commission’s report will address feedback from all levels of government, key stakeholders and the public and will be finalised towards the end of 2017.

    Feedback can be submitted via the site or via email to data.taskforce@pmc.gov.au.

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