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  • Centre for Health Economics - Seminar Series

    Research staff at the Centre for Health Economics, together with visiting and invited researchers, report on methodological issues and results of current research in the health sector. Visitors are welcome, and discussion and debate is encouraged.

    Seminars are generally held once a month, on the first Wednesday of the month, usually between 1.00pm and 2.00pm at the Centre for Health Economics, RB Scotton Room, 2nd Floor, Room 278, Building 75 (The Strip), Clayton Campus.

  • Health Sciences Events - University of Otago, New Zealand

  • The Health Economics Group at the University of Melbourne - Short Courses 2015


    1. Introduction to Cost Effectiveness Analysis in Health. A one-day course that provides policy makers, clinicians, researchers and managers with an understanding of the key concepts, terminology and processes used in economic evaluation of health programs.
    Dates offered: 27th February, 20th April, 7th August and 13th November. Further details and registration links can be found here.

    2. Practical Methods for Health Economic Evaluation. A three-day course aimed at those who are engaging in cost effectiveness analysis, or for those who need a more detailed understanding of the methods used in economic evaluation within their current roles.
    Dates offered: 21st -23rd April. Further details and registration links can be found here.

    3. Designing Economic evaluation alongside trials. A one-day course designed for researchers undertaking clinical studies (including investigators and trial managers) who would like to include an economic evaluation alongside their studies.
    Dates offered: 4th May. Further details and registration links can be found here.

    4. Incorporating Health Economics into Grant Proposals. A half-day course that provides researchers with an overview of the role of health economics in grant proposals, and practical assistance with the health economics paragraphs in grant writing.
    Dates offered: 16th November 2015. Further details and registration links can be found here.

MAY 2015

  • Title: Measuring the impact of drug and alcohol consultation liaison services on hospital presentations and admissions: cost benefit analysis using linked survey and administrative data

    Abstract: Drug and alcohol problems are a major factor in presentation to hospital and contribute to longer stays and repeat admissions.  Consultation Liaison (CL) services are an intervention in hospital settings designed to provide direct access to specialist services for support, treatment advice and assistance with the management of a given condition.  Drug and alcohol (D&A) CL services aim to improve identification and treatment of patients with D&A morbidity.  The aim of this study was to evaluate the costs and consequences of D&A CL services in New South Wales hospitals. The study was undertaken by the National Centre for Drug and Alcohol Research and the Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluations, and involved a snapshot of prevalence of drug and alcohol problems in patients presenting to NSW hospitals, combined with a follow-up to evaluate the impact of CL services on patient utilisation of services and outcomes. 


    Patients were surveyed at eight hospitals and problematic D&A use was identified using the Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test. For consenting participants, medical record data was obtained from 18 months pre- to 12 months post-survey. Interrupted time series analyses were used to compare utilisation and costs for patients with and without D&A problems and changes over time between those who received D&A CL and similar patients.


    Approximately 35% of patients surveyed had D&A problems (excluding tobacco) with 7% requiring intensive treatment. Only 24% of patients requiring intensive treatment were treated by D&A CL. Those treated had relative improvements over time in length-of-stay, emergency admission performance, presentation and admission rates, and increased uptake of selected pharmaceuticals. The estimated net benefit of D&A CL services was at least $100,000 savings per hospital per year. This research demonstrates that expansion of D&A CL services to address current unmet need has the potential to provide significant savings for hospitals.




    Professor Rosalie Viney, Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation, UTS

    Ms Kerryn Butler, National Drug and Alchohol Research Centre, UNSW

    Dr Rebecca Reeve, Centre for Social Impact, University of NSW

    Associate Professor Adrian Dunlop, NSW Health


    Date: Wednesday, 6 May 2015

    Time: 12:00pm – 1:30 pm (No food/drink is allowed in the classroom)

    Venue: UTS Business School

                 Dr Chau Chak Wing Building (Building 8)

                 Level 4, Room 002

                 14-28 Ultimo Road, Ultimo

    RSVP to  by Tuesday, 5 May (limited space)


  • Centre for Big Data Research in Health Seminar - Gearing an entire country for informatics and big data research

    Event date: Wednesday, 6 May 2015 - 9:30am to 11:00am


    Location: Gallery 1, John Niland Scientia Building, UNSW Australia (Kensington Campus)


    Presented by Andrew Morris, Chief Scientist for Health in Scotland and Director of the Farr Institute. The Farr Institute is an ambitious national programme that allows linkage of health records to research, molecular and non-health data sets for the purpose of large-scale research. This talk will review the research and governance infrastructure under development, and examples of the power and value of linking heterogeneous data sets on a national scale.


    For further information go to

    RSVP: by 27 April 2015



  • Missioncraft in Disaster Relief Operations Workshop 2015

    Date: Monday 25th to Friday 29th May 2015
    Organiser: Centre of Research Excellence in Patient Safety (CREPS), Monash University in collaboration with the Disaster Medical Coordination International Society
    Potential participants:
    Health care workers with current board certification or specialty society fellowship in clinical medicine or public health
    Disaster management professionals with authority to lead health teams from governmental (civil or military), non-governmental, Red Cross, or UN agencies
    Humanitarian professionals with 1 year or more of disaster field experience
    Persons anticipating future deployment to disasters as medical team leader or medical coordinator

    Venue: School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University, 99 Commercial Rd, Melbourne
    Cost: $2,900 per person (inclusive of GST)
    Contact: Catherine Pound Ph: +61 3 9903 0891 / Email:
    Flyer and application form: please visit

    Missioncraft is the art and science of preparing and conducting field operations. This 1-week intensive workshop presents best practices for health personnel in international disaster relief operations. The workshop is offered to selected medical and public health professionals who deploy to disasters as full-time, field-based, hands-on providers. The workshop aims to enhance skill sets required in leadership roles such as organisational team leader or medical co-ordinator. It is designed for experienced professionals in pursuit of mastery, and is not intended for medical tourists.

June 2015

  • Patient reported outome measures (PROMs): new horizons in health-related quality of life improvements

    Organiser: Centre of Research Excellence in Patient Safety (CREPS), Monash University
    Date: 25th and 26th June 2015
    Venue: The Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct (AMREP) Lecture Theatre, 75 Commercial Rd, The Alfred, Melbourne Vic 3004
    Cost: From $50 student rate / $120 general rate

    Who should attend:
    • Clinicians;
    • Clinical research coordinators;
    • Clinical trials coordinators;
    • Data managers;
    • Quality managers;
    • Researchers;
    • Medical students;
    • Patients and their family members; and
    • Members of the general public.
    Contact: Catherine Pound Ph: +61 3 9903 0891 / Email:
    Payment and flyer details: please visit
  • ICF Education Webinar - 19 June 2015


    Topics planned to be covered by different speakers in this Webinar include: ICF and university education in Australia; ICF education in health and disability practice settings; international developments 

    More information and to register.