• Australia’s Health 2014 report card: experts respond

    25/06/2014 10:13:40 PM

    An article from The Conversation on the key findings of The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s Australia’s Health 2014, released on 25 June.

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  • PHCRIS Research Roundup - Health Information: where do patients obtain it and why does it matter?

    24/06/2014 9:17:01 PM

    This RESEARCH ROUNDup explores recent reports about the ways in which Australians obtain health information, the quality of that information, and reviews the responsibility of GPs in responding and contributing to that information.

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  • The REFinE-PHC Consumer Survey: overview of initial results

    24/06/2014 9:11:34 PM

    REFinE-PHC has issued a Working Paper describing the initial results from a population-based consumer survey conducted using an on-line panel of Australian residents in July 2013. The survey focussed on patient perceptions of GP practice structure, payment methods and patients’ experience of using health care services.

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    16/06/2014 10:20:14 PM

    2014 update of the Commonwealth Fund’s performance report on How the Performance of the U.S. Health Care System Compares Internationally.

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  • Healthcare in Australia 2012-13: Five years of performance

    16/06/2014 10:03:34 PM

    The final COAG report on the National Healthcare Agreement shows that Australians have overall good health and enjoy a high quality healthcare system. However, areas of concern such as obesity and chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes could put strain on our healthcare system and require attention from governments.

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  • Better ways to spend the medical research future fund

    15/05/2014 11:04:43 PM

    An article from the Conversation concerning one of the "few real surprises in the budget ...the creation of medical research future fund." Despite the recommendations of the McKeon Review, 2012-13 Productivity Commission Annual Report and the the recent National Commission of Audit report what is not mentioned is any research into health system changes. "When it comes to improving the health-care system, what’s needed is research that addresses issues that are relevant to current or future policy debates."

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  • Review of Medicare Locals – Final Report

    12/05/2014 6:09:21 PM

    Professor Horvath's report into Medicare Locals recommends that the current system of 61 Medicare Locals be replaced by a smaller number of Primary Health Organisations (PHOs) performing a similar role.

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  • FactCheck: does the average Australian go to the doctor 11 times a year?

    12/05/2014 5:50:55 PM

    An article in The Conversation by researchers from the Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE) which concludes "the weight of evidence places the true number of time the average Australian “goes to the doctor” at below 7, with some variability due to differing definitions of what constitutes a consultation. While these definitions place the figure variously at 3.73, 4.61, 4.93, 5.77 or 6.91, none come very close to Tony Shepherd’s claim of a purported 11 visits to the doctor by the average Australian every year."

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