A New Era for the Journal of Health Services Research &Policy

Congratulations to our Past President, Professor Jacqueline Cumming, Health Services Research Centre, Faculty of Health, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and Professor Ellen Nolte, Department of Health Services Research and Policy, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK who have recently taken over the reigns at Journal of Health Services and Policy.

The Journal was founded back in 1995 by Nick Black and Nick Mays and was conceived as an alternative outlet for high-quality health services research (HSR) outside the United States.  The Journal’s vision has expanded over the years, seeking not only to advance HSR but, importantly, to understand the implications of HSR for health care policy more widely. The Journal has gone from strength to strength and now provides a forum for debating issues, ideas or controversies in the analysis and policy discourse.


The core aim of JHSRP:

is to provide a unique opportunity to explore the ideas, policies and decisions shaping health services throughout the world.  Edited and peer-reviewed by experts in the field and with a high academic standard and multidisciplinary approach, readers will gain a greater understanding of the current issues in health care policy and research.

Jackie and Ellen say that

"The Journal has been a favourite of both of ours for many years, and we are keen to maintain and strengthen the reputation of JHSRP as a journal that publishes high quality health services and policy analysis research in mostly, but not exclusively, high income economies. We also aim to uphold the example the Journal sets in treating authors and reviewers respectfully by ensuring timely feedback to authors while providing reviewers with sufficient flexibility to assess the quality of manuscripts accepted for review."

Whilst no major changes to the principal structure of the Journal are planned, Jackie and Ellen are considering new sections to further strengthen the role of the Journal in the field of HSR.  A new section that more specifically reflects on advances in health services and policy analysis research is being considered.

There is a clear need for the further development of approaches to research and methodologies to help address the underlying and ensuing (or at times seemingly perpetual) challenges of service delivery and health care policy. This would include approaches to systematic, rigorous international comparative research, which we have a particular interest in promoting.

They are also considering a new section that critically explores initiatives in health care service delivery and policy around the globe, enabling researchers and policy makers to identify new opportunities for research and consider the place of such initiatives in their own health systems.

Any changes in the Journal will be carefully considered in the light of whether they meet the Journal’s scope and aims, and the wishes of its Editorial Committee, readers and authors to ensure that any proposed changes are reasonable and feasible.

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