Australian Medical Research Advisory Board (AMRAB) Consultation on Strategy and Priorities

AMRAB Inaugural Meeting Communiqué

The Advisory Board issued a Communiqué on 6 May 2016 about its first meeting.

The Advisory Board discussed their role in delivering the Strategy and Priorities to Government. These important documents are to be taken into account by Government in determining program funding. The first disbursements from the Fund will occur 2016-17, with almost $800 million projected to be available over the next four years (2016-17 to 2019-20).

Members also discussed possible approaches to consulting on the development of the Strategy and Priorities and agreed to a two stage process that aims to ensure extensive and transparent communication with the health and medical research sector, health system managers and consumers.

The first stage of the consultation process - a call for written submissions - was released on 6 May 2016.  A consultation paper (incorporating suggested building blocks for the Strategy) and a  pro forma for articulating priorities, together with instructions for making a written submission, is available on the Department of Health consultation hub.  Written submissions will be accepted until 6 June 2016..

The HSRAANZ will be making a submission, which will be discussed by the Executive Committee on 24 May.  Association members are encouraged to make their own submissions to the consultation and to send their views to the Association for consideration via   

The Advisory Board is keen to hear views and ideas from those who deliver health services, the research community, and those who use, or stand to benefit from, health and medical research. These opinions are essential to ensure an appropriate focus for the Medical Research Future Fund Strategy, and the initial round of Priorities.

A second meeting of the Advisory Board is scheduled for late June to discuss the submissions received. Following this, the second stage of the consultation process will commence in July 2016, with targeted consultations likely to take place in most capital cities.

Any queries regarding the operations of the Advisory Board can be directed to