• 09 JUL 18
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    Australian Real-World Data Network (RADiANT)


    RADiANT is a new Australian researcher-led and researcher-focussed scientific network established to promote policy that supports good practice in the access to and use of real-world data for research.


    The Network will provide consolidated researcher input into national policy reforms and related data initiatives, including those arising from the Government response to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Data Availability and Use.


    The Network is seeking broad and inclusive representation from academia across the health and medical, science and social research disciplines.


    Please visit the RADiANT website for further information including membership details.


    Louisa Jorm

    Director, Centre for Big Data Research in Health

    UNSW Sydney



    Claire Vajdic

    Convenor, RADiANT

    Unit Head, Centre for Big Data Research in Health

    UNSW Sydney

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