Australia’s leading researchers from the Group of Eight (Go8) universities map the Roadmap to Recovery through COVID-19. 

Australia's leading researchers from the Group of Eight (Go8) universities have presented the Government with the Roadmap to Recovery, expert research to help plot the best path forward through COVID-19.

To chart a Roadmap to Recovery  a group of over a hundred of the country’s leading epidemiologists, infectious disease consultants, public health specialists, healthcare professionals, mental health and well-being practitioners, indigenous scholars, communications and behaviour change experts, ethicists, philosophers, political scientists, economists and business scholars from the Group of Eight (Go8) universities. The group developed this Roadmap in less than three weeks, through remote meetings and a special collaborative reasoning platform, in the context of a rapidly changing pandemic.

COVID-19 Roadmap to Recovery – A Report for the Nation

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With the report raising questions about trade-offs, Croakey has published a piece considering whether economists should be playing a greater role in the health response to the COVID-19 pandemic, read their article by Professor Anthony Scott from the Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic and Social Research at the University of Melbourne.