This award recognises research that has had a significant impact on health and health care over the previous 12 months. The award is intended to identify and promote examples of outstanding research that have been successfully translated into health policy, management, or clinical practice.  An award will be made for the best Australian and best New Zealand projects


The award is open to an individual, group or institution.

Research may be published or unpublished, a single study or a body of work, the work of an individual or a team.

Applications should demonstrate evidence of impact in 2015 / 2016.

Self-nominations will be accepted.

Candidates must be HSRAANZ members, staff/students of a HSRAANZ corporate member, or nominated by an individual or corporate member.

Submission requirements:

Completed Application Form (see below).

Details of individual, group or institution.

500 word description of the research project/program.

500 word description of impact/evidence of translation (eg measurements of ‘change’)

Dot points (one page max) detailing outputs of program eg papers/reports/workshops/presentations

Judging Criteria

Quality of research project/program:

Demonstrated association/temporal relationship between conception and outcome;

Evidence of impact (changes in practice, policy etc)

Assessment: By a panel of experts and peers (including policy makers) selected by the HSRAANZ Executive.

Completed Application forms should be submitted to the HSRAANZ Executive Officer by  5pm on Friday 29 July 2016 

The Awards will be made at an HSRAANZ event and AGM to be held in October/November.  Applicants may be invited to present their research at the event.

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