Commissioning and the health service

HSRAANZ Members have contributed to a special issue of The Australian Journal of Primary Health looking at commissioning.

The special issue provides perspectives on commissioning from Australia , the UK , China and Prof Jackie Cumming reflects on the experience from New Zealand with two very different approaches to commissioning health and disability support services.  It covers conceptual frameworks for commissioning, the history of commissioning and the experience of commissioning in particular jurisdictions and settings. Specific applications of commissioning for general practice, capacity building and community services are also included. Suzanne Robinson, Helen Dickinson and Learne Durrington explore experiences of others who have adopted commissioning approaches and the evidence concerning the outcomes of these experiments on commissioning and health services.

The HSRAANZ is planning a special Webinar Panel on Commissioning in mid-April.  Keep an eye on our website for more information.

Link to The Australian Journal of Primary Health .