Congratulations to Sallie Pearson who has recently taken up a role at the newly established Centre for Big Data Research in Health (CBDRH) at the UNSW Medicine, University of New South Wales.


Sallie-Anne Pearson

The UNSW CBDRH, established (led) by Professor Louisa Jorm, is a world-first research centre that aims to tackle health issues that can be informed through research using large-scale electronic data. The Centre has broad expertise that spans multiple health domains and long-standing expertise in thematic areas corresponding to its four research units:

  • Health Services and Outcomes Unit (Head, Professor Louisa Jorm): conducts research to identify variations and disparities in the use, outcomes and costs of health services, investigates the factors that drive these, and evaluates the outcomes of health policies and programs.


  • National Perinatal Epidemiology and Statistics Unit (Head and Director, Associate Professor Georgina Chambers): conducts national epidemiological, health services, policy and health economic research in reproductive, perinatal and maternal health


  • Cancer Epidemiology Research Unit (Head, Associate Professor Claire Vajdic): performs genetic epidemiology and population-based health record linkage studies aimed at understanding the causes and consequences of cancer.


  • Medicine Policy Research Unit (Head, Professor Sallie Pearson): conducts research regarding the judicious use, safety, costs and cost-effectiveness of prescribed medicines.

CBDRH is in a rapid growth phase, currently with 16 academic staff, 18 professional staff and 6 higher degree research students.