Government response to Productivity Commission Inquiry into data availability and use

The Turnbull Government has announced new national body to oversee access to Government-held data as part of a suite of reforms recommended by the Productivity Commission.
  • Creation of a National Data Commissioner to oversee a new data access framework.
  • New legislation to remove red tape inhibiting research and growth while maintaining data security and privacy.
  • A new Consumer Data Right to help Australians find a better deal.

The reforms, costing $65 million over the next four years, include creating an office of the National Data Commissioner whose role will be to implement a simpler and more efficient data sharing and release framework within government.

The Commissioner will also work together with the Australian Privacy Commissioner to ensure that the protection of individual privacy remains paramount under the new sharing arrangements.

The Government’s full response to the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into Data Availability and Use is published here.

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