HSRAANZ Mentoring Program 2018 – Mentors still required


The aim of the HSRAANZ Mentoring Program is to encourage health services researchers to be active professionals, to nurture HSR talent, retain excellent researchers, develop future leaders, improve networking and communication opportunities and overcome professional and geographical isolation. The program offers a partnership where both parties can benefit.

While mentoring is focused on the professional needs of the mentee it can also provide significant benefits to mentors including:
• satisfaction from offering support to early career researchers, contributing to the development of the profession and contributing to another person's development
• the opportunity to receive feedback from another professional when offering training advice, to develop your own knowledge and contribute to your own development
• increased informal networks
• the opportunity for mutual exchange of ideas and information and an opportunity for reflection and discussion with a fellow professional
• improved ability to share experience and knowledge
• intellectually and personally rewarding

Here a past mentee and their mentor talk about their experience of the HSRAANZ mentoring program.

Mentors do not need to be HSRAANZ members.  Mentors do not necessarily have to be senior researchers.  Early and mid-career researchers at a similar level or a few years in advance of the mentee can offer excellent and current support and advice.

Time Commitment

Whilst participants are expected to maintain the mentoring relationship and the regular meetings until the agreed mentoring goals and objectives have been achieved, once matched the ongoing arrangements for mentorship activities, including the type of meeting/contact (face to face, online, phone or email) and the frequency are negotiated directly between the mentee and mentor.

More details about the Program can be found here.

If you are interested in participating in the HSRAANZ Program as a mentor  please return an application form asap.

Mentor Application Form