HSRAANZ Webinar – Designing Evidence-Informed and Cost-effective Primary Health Services

17 October 2017




Commissioning of health services is a relatively new healthcare concept in Australia and there is limited experience to guide commissioners, such as Primary Health Networks (PHNs) on methods which facilitate research evidence-informed procurement and commissioning.1 Reviews to date have identified the challenges of identifying a single preferred commissioning model and that commissioning impacts are highly context-dependent.1

This WEBINAR by Professor Jonathan Karnon, Ms Jade Hart and Dr Kenneth Lo will discuss the commissioning approach of PHNs and the challenges of assessing the cost-effectiveness of primary health services. Using residential aged care as a case study, we will also present an evidence-informed framework that seeks to recognise the many complex variables, such as intricate funding models, clients with diverse needs, and presence of numerous stakeholders with different roles and interests.2


Prof. Jonathan Karnon

University of Adelaide

Ms Jade Hart

Manager Victorian PHN Alliance

Dr Kenneth Lo

University of Adelaide


1. Gardner K, Davies GP, Edwards K, et al. A rapid review of the impact of commissioning on service use, quality, outcomes and value for money: implications for Australian policy. Aust J Prim Health 2016;22(1):40-49.

2. Braithwaite J. Changing how we think about healthcare improvement. BMJ 2018;361.

Funded by NHMRC Partnership Centre of Health System Sustainability