HSRAANZ Webinar – recording now available: How to successfully navigate peer review with your work and your esteem intact! 5 March 11.30am

A recording of this webinar is now available.   Aimed at anyone wishing to publish in academic peer-reviewed journals it explores ways to avoid rejection (looking at the common reasons why papers are rejected) and ways to engage with reviewer comments when asked to revise and resubmit. It also considers how to respond to rejection – which happens to everyone at some point! Associate Professor Nick Hopwood offers practical advice and strategies to help participants get through peer review, and hopefully, influence the outcome in their favour.

Webinar handout - "How to read reviewers' comment"


Presenter: Associate Professor Nick Hopwood


Associate Professor Nick Hopwood, University of Technology Sydney

Nick Hopwood conducts research at the interface between health and education, focusing on the learning of practitioners and families working together in caring for young children. He is co-editor of Studies in Continuing Education, and is a regular reviewer of others’ work. While he has had some success in publishing, he has been rejected many times too, most recently a few weeks ago. Nick regularly gives workshops for early career researchers on issues relating to publishing. His work has been recognised in two Special Commendations by the Australian Council of Graduate Research.