Innovative models of general practice – The Kings Fund


  • General practice is in crisis. Previous work from The King’s Fund found general practitioners (GPs) dealing with a rising, more complex workload. Funding has not been growing at the same rate as demand, leading to a profession under enormous strain and facing a recruitment and retention crisis.

  • New clinical delivery models are needed to meet demand, altering the way in which general practice operates and interacts with individuals, families and local communities.

  • In this report, we look at innovative models of general practice from the UK and other countries and identify key design features we believe will be important in designing effective GP services in the future.

  • We set out five attributes that underpin general practice: person-centred, holistic care; access; co-ordination; continuity and community focus. Models that focus on access at the expense of other attributes may not provide the most effective and comprehensive care for patients.

  • Successful new models of general practice often focus on building relationship –between patients and professionals, between professionals within general practice and beyond, and between general practice and wider communities.

  • Making radical changes to the model of general practice is complex and takes time, leadership and resources. General practice often has less access to the financial or human resources needed to undertake change than other NHS organisations. External support for improvement will be critical.

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