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Nadine Hillock

  • Name: Nadine Hillock


  • Organisation: University of Adelaide


  • Current position: PhD candidate


  • Research interests: Antibiotics resistance, cost-effectiveness research, health policy

How did you get started in HSR?

After working in a number of clinical roles as a pharmacist, I subsequently have held two positions working in State Government (SA Health), initially in a project role with the National Antimicrobial Utilisation Surveillance Program (NAUSP), and subsequently managing the SA Medicines Evaluation Panel (SAMEP). It was in my role with SAMEP that I gained an interest in health policy and cost-effectiveness research.


What was the first project you worked on and where?

One of the first health projects I worked on that had significant policy implications was investigating the cost impacts to hospitals for treating the adverse effects of immunotherapy agents for treatment of malignant melanoma.


Career highlights so far?

As part of SAMEP, winning an SA Health award for ‘Excellence in non-clinical services’ for our work evaluating the cost-effectiveness of non-PBS high cost medicines used in public hospitals.


Can you tell us more about your PhD project?

I am currently investigating alternative regulatory and funding models for antimicrobial drugs in Australia, in particular, looking at overcoming the barriers to maintaining a sustainable supply of older antimicrobials.


What is your motivation for becoming involved with the HSRAANZ? What services would you find most helpful?

Previously as a government employee I attended a few workshops when the HSRAANZ reached out to collaborate with policy-makers and consumers. Now as a PhD candidate researching health policy, I thought membership with the HSRAANZ would be invaluable, particularly access to the resources and webinars.


What do you think is the best way of having an influence on policy?

Appropriate (inclusive) and adequate engagement and collaboration with stakeholders


What do you get up to when you are not conducting research?

Being cook, courier, life-coach and general servant to my three teenagers!


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