Expressions of interest are invited for the 2021 HSRAANZ Mentoring Program.

Mentees should be HSRAANZ Members or staff/students of an HSRAANZ Corporate Group.

Expressions of interest should reach the Program Director by 12 October 2021

Please note that the information that you provide may be passed onto prospective mentors.

This may include: advice/guidance on specific topics/projects; career advice, such as guidance applying for fellowships and grants, writing manuscripts, applying for promotions etc; career planning; leadership skills; guidance on work/life balance.
(max 150 words – dot points are fine)
(max 150 words - dot points fine)
(please note we cannot guarantee that this person will be your mentor)

We would ideally like to include some training/networking workshops for mentors and mentees. This might include orientation, mid-program and exit meetings for mentors and mentees. This will be dependent upon finances, need of participants and their ability and willingness to attend the sessions. We would appreciate an indication of your willingness/ability to participate in these events and your preferred format.

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