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    Mixed methods study to compare health economists’ use and understanding of checklists

    Researchers at Deakin University are investigating the use of quality assessment checklists for economic evaluations and are seeking participants.   A broad range of experience levels of health economists are wanted



    There are two stages to this study, you can participate in one or both.

    • Stage 1 online survey- receive one study and complete up to six quality assessment checklists
    • Stage 2 interview (in-person or video)- complete two quality assessment checklists while ‘thinking aloud’


    For participating in one stage you will receive a $30 Coles gift card (Australian health economists) or $30 to put in a charity organisation (other countries)  as a thank you for your time.


    The plain language statements for both stages are accessible via the online link below.


    Please follow link https://researchsurveys.deakin.edu.au/jfe/form/SV_4MwvIB8qsut77bT  and choose which stage you would like to participate in.

    If you select stage 1, you will be emailed a unique link to your survey that you can start straight away (if you wish).

    If you select stage 2 or both you will be contacted shortly.



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