NSW Health COVID-19 research grants - Call for Reviewers
NSW Health is looking for reviewers for round 2 of the NSW Health COVID-19 research grants (https://www.medicalresearch.nsw.gov.au/covid-19-research/) which will open in mid-July. The grants are priority-driven to support the NSW response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For round 2, there will be an increased focus on health services research. The review period will be between August and September, across two (EOI and full application) stages, and non-NSW reviewers are being sought to manage conflicts of interest.  Each reviewer will be allocated between 10-15 applications which will take around 1 hour each to review over the three weeks. Remuneration will be offered for the reviews in recognition of time and expertise.  
Suggested keywords: mental health, childhood services, cancer, disability, aged care, implementation science, policy research, economics etc.
Suggested keywords: co-design, PAR, RCTs, cost-effectiveness analysis, interviews, data linkage, mixed-methods, etc.
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