• 06 MAY 19

    HSRAANZ Webinar Series – Alternative career paths for health services researchers – Recording now available!

    This webinar presented 3 case studies of people who have chosen not to pursue the usual academic path following completion of the PhDs. Their presentations describe their research journey and what they do in their current roles. The benefits and challenges of choosing a path less travelled can sometimes be harder but often very rewarding. The three presenters come from diverse backgrounds and now work in very different roles. This presentation will be of interest to those contemplating where to from here if they are nearly finished their studies or for those considering a career change.

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    • 06 MAY 19

    Male researchers’ ‘vague’ language more likely to win grants

    An interesting article on grant proposal writng styles of males and females published in Nature.

    Grant reviewers award lower scores to proposals from women than to those from men, even when they don’t know the gender of the applicant, an analysis of thousands of submissions to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has found.

    That’s because male and female scientists use different types of word on grant applications, according to the study, published by the US National Bureau of Economic Research.

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    • 06 MAY 19

    Election Campaign – Health News

    A round up of the latest eletion campaign health news, including Minister for Health Greg Hunt and Shadow Minister Catherine King’s election campaign health debate at the National Press Club on 2 May.

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    • 29 APR 19

    Grant Opportunities

    Information on the following grant opportunities:
    1. The Viertel Charitable Foundation
    2. The 2020 Diabetes Australian Research Program Grant Round
    3. The Cancer Australia Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme
    4. Cancer Institute NSW Fellowships
    5. AMP Tomorrow Fund
    6. The National Breast Cancer Foundation 2020 Investigator Initiated Research Scheme

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Member Profile

Our latest member interview is with Hamish Robertson, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Services Management, Faculty of Health, UTS.  Hamish's research interests are health and medical geography in the fields of health, ageing and disability.

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