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About the HSRAANZ

Founded in 2001, the Health Services Research Association of Australia & New Zealand (HSRAANZ) supports and promotes the conduct and dissemination of applied research to improve the delivery and organisation of health services in Australia and New Zealand. With a wide range of individual and corporate members from universities, research centres, government departments, independent government agencies, and consumer groups the Association bridges the gap between research and policy, as well as reflecting consumer issues. We also have two special interest groups, focussing on Emerging Researchers and Indigenous Health Services Research, both of which have a prominent role at our main conference. [read more]
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Our latest member interview is with Hamish Robertson, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Services Management, Faculty of Health, UTS.  Hamish's research interests are health and medical geography in the fields of health, ageing and disability.

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    • 29 SEP 16

    HSRAANZ Webinar Series (19 October 2016) – Developing primary care that is fit for the future: cross-country comparisons

    In this webinar, Professor Judith Smith, Director, Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham will draw on her extensive research and policy experience of primary care in the UK, New Zealand and Australia to examine the opportunities and risks of developing new models of primary care that are fit for the future. She will draw out cross-country comparisons and learning, and identify the particular challenges that need to be addressed (and researched) if current policy ambitions for primary care are to be realised.

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    • 22 SEP 16

    HSRAANZ Webinar Series – Choosing Wisely – where we came from, where we are going and why we need you.

    This webinar to be held on Sep 28, 2016 11:30 AM (AEST) will be jointly presented by Dr Robyn Lindner from NPS MedicineWise and Professor Adam Elshaug who is a member of the Choosing Wisely Advisory Group. They will outline the road travelled thus far in facilitating the roll out Choosing Wisely Australia: the challenges, successes and lessons learned.

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    • 08 SEP 16

    SAVE THE DATE – HSRAANZ Annual General Meeting and Symposium – Health Services Research – where to from here? A review of the state and potential of HSR in Australia and New Zealand

    The Association will be holding the above event on 1 December 2016 at the National Press Club, Canberra, at which we will be launching a commissioned report on the state and potential of HSR in Australia and New Zealand, accompanied by short presentations by leading health services researchers describing the impact of their HSR on the Australian and New Zealand healthcare system and population health. SAVE THE DATE

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    • 06 SEP 16

    Request for quotations for a study of the current state of Health Services Research in Australian and New Zealand

    We are seeking quotations for a study of the current state of Health Services Research in Australian and New Zealand to help inform the Association’s strategy over the next decade. The key deliverables of the study are to identify:
    • Who is doing what health services research in Australia and New Zealand?
    • How that research is being funded?
    • How that research is being used – by whom and how?
    • What real world impact is that research having?
    Closing date 19 September 2016.

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    • 25 AUG 16

    Structural Review of NHMRC’s Grant Program – HSRAANZ Survey Results and Submission

    To inform its submission to the Structural Review of the NHMRC’s Grant Program the HSRAANZ undertook an online survey of health services researchers’ views on the three possible alternative models to the existing grant program. The survey report and our submission to the NHMRC can be read here.

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    • 25 AUG 16

    The organisational benefits of a strong research culture in a health service

    A systematic review published in Australian Health Review sheds light what impact investments that contribute to a research culture have on organisational performance of health services. Do research activities distract from clinical care, reducing efficiency and productivity? Or conversely, do they have benefits for health service organisations? For example, can a strong research culture lead to a more stimulating workplace that attracts and retains quality staff and encourages the uptake of evidence based practice, with flow on benefits for improved service delivery?

    The results provide evidence that a positive research culture and interventions directed at the health workforce are associated with patient, staff and organisational benefits. However, questions remain about the nature of this association, and more evidence is needed to help managers and policy makers to determine the return on investment in activities that contribute to a research culture.

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    • 25 AUG 16

    Significant differences in use of linked hospital data for research in Australia: NSW and WA leading the way

    A recent paper, Growth of linked hospital data use in Australia: a systematic review, published in the Australian Health Review highlighted large variations in the use of hospital data linkage for health services research purposes across Australian states. This study conducted by researchers at the Centre for Health Policy at the University of Melbourne showed that the large majority (83%) of the published literature which uses linked hospital data for health research were contributed by two states, Western Australia and New South Wales while other states significantly lag behind (see attached figure). The paper also highlighted the lack of publications utilising multi-state data through data linkage which could indicate the presence of significant barriers in conducting cross-jurisdictional research. There have been significant investments to build up Australia’s data linkage capabilities and in establishing a data linkage unit in each state. Given that appropriate infrastructure is now in place, it is important to identify and overcome the barriers limiting the gains from this investment and to start maximising the potential of using linked data in health services research.

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    • 01 AUG 16

    Results of the HSRAANZ Data Availability Survey

    The report of the HSRAANZ’s survey on data availability, can be viewed here. The report informed the Association’s submission to the Productivity Commission.

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