• 30 MAY 18

    Major review of New Zealand health system launched

    New Zealand Health Minister Dr David Clark has announced a wide-ranging review designed to future-proof New Zealand health and disability services.

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    • 22 MAY 18

    Reducing Non-Beneficial Treatment at the End-of-Life 2018-2020

    Congratulations to AusHSI and the Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR) at QUT and the University of New South Wales, University of Adelaide and the University of Queensland on beng awarded a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funded Partnership Project (APP1151923) to investigate the effectiveness and cost-consequences of an intervention to reduce the provision of non-beneficial treatment at the end-of-life.

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    • 15 MAY 18

    HSRAANZ Webinar – Excellent Scientific Writing Slides and Recording Now Available

    In our latest webinar Associate Professor Liz Tynan provided guidance and strategies for writing effective scientific publications using strong and effective language.  Processes for producing a research article, and how research concepts can be made clear through critical thinking and robust writing skills were also discussed. The slides and a recording of the webinar are now available.  

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    • 14 MAY 18

    Assessing the value of new health technologies and the political economy

    Assessing the value of new pharmaceuticals and other health technologies is more complicated than estimating incremental costs and QALYs. The QALY may not capture all aspects of value, but broader political and economic factors may also be relevant. On the one hand, companies may invest less in Australia if fewer technologies are funded. On the other hand, health spending on health professionals has a far greater multiplier effect and results in significantly greater economic growth than spending on pharmaceuticals. Such effects should be considered by the government when assessing the value and the acceptable price of new health technologies.

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