Productivity Commission Inquiry on data availability and use

The Australian Government has asked the Productivity Commission to undertake a 12 month public inquiry into data availability and use.

The Commission is particularly keen to hear from academics who regularly use public or private sector data and/or know of particular datasets that it would be useful to be able to access.

You can find further details on the inquiry at  This includes the terms of reference and an Issues Paper released on 18 April to assist participants in preparing a submission.  It outlines the issues about which the Commission is seeking information.

Initial submissions are due on Friday 29 July 2016.  Further comments will be sought upon release of the draft report in November 2016.

The HSRAANZ will make a formal submission and we would welcome contributions to that submission from members. Comments should be sent to  by 3 June. We especially want to hear about:

·       your experiences in trying to get access to data;

·       what sort of problems you faced;

·       how any privacy or data security issues were resolved;

·       which datasets (or possible linkages of datasets) you consider would be of particularly high value; and

·       the sort of experiences in accessing and using data that you’ve had overseas and would like to be able to have in Australia.

We also encourage individual and corporate members of  HSRAANZ to make their own submission to the enquiry and to send a copy to us via   If you would like help with the HSRAANZ submission, by reviewing drafts and adding information and examples, please email