Recording of HSRAANZ Webinar – “Policy Based barriers and enablers to high quality health care provision in aged care settings”

Presented by: Dr Amee Morgans, Senior Research Fellow | RDNS Institute.


There are a range of federal and state government interface challenges which determine referral pathways and barriers between aged care and health care, which are summarised in Figure 1. There is an aged care/health care industry mutual misunderstanding about responsibilities for management of health care of aged care recipients, and current health service models are built on these assumptions, often to the disadvantage of the individual seeking services.

Critical to the success of the system delivering care to those who are most in need are the inter-sectoral relationships that can drive change and implementation from both health and aged care industry perspectives. The importance of peak bodies in driving inter-sector partnerships and communication is evident and the timing to commence these activities opportune.

Dr Morgans has extensive experience in management of teams responsible for strategic cross-divisional and multi-organisation project management, government policy analysis and research impact evaluation. Dr Morgans specialises in the design and delivery of projects which create real impact and innovative research that translates into operational, system and policy level change via evidence based industry level advocacy.

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In concluding her lecture Dr Morgan suggested that there was an an opportunity for HSRAANZ to contribute to the dialogue on the impact and management of ageing on health services in Australia. We have therefor initiated a discussion group to encourage knowledge exchange and research collaboration.  To be part of the discussion go to our discussion page.