The Coalition’s Policy to Develop Australia’s Medical Research Capabilities

Key Commitments

Science and research are fundamental to Australia’s competitiveness and improved standard of living.

The Coalition has a strong record supporting science and research, investing around $10 billion a year to deliver real outcomes for Australia.

We established the landmark Medical Research Future Fund, the single largest investment in medical research in Australia.

As part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda, the Coalition created the Biomedical Translation Fund, which will provide $500 million to commercialise more of Australia’s world-class medical research.

Our National Innovation and Science Agenda will see an additional $145 million invested to boost collaboration and encourage stronger linkages between universities and industry.

We are investing $200 million to develop a focused, co-ordinated approach to dementia research to improve the diagnosis, treatment and care for those with dementia in Australia.

The Coalition will continue to develop Australia’s medical research capabilities by:

  • investing $7 million to improve the clinical trial landscape in Australia
  • investing $20 million for a research and clinical partnership on childhood cancers
  • providing over $650 million in the next four years to fund medical research priorities through the Medical Research Future Fund and the Biomedical Translation Fund
  • delivering an ongoing commitment to dementia research
  • supporting international collaboration and innovation in medical research
  • implementing a Digital Health Innovation Agenda