Update on Public Consultation on the Structural Review of NHMRC’s Grant Program


The CEO of the NHMRC, Anne Kelso has provided the following update on the Structural Review of the NHMRC's Grant Program.

The consultation period for the Structural Review of NHMRC’s Grant Program (Structural Review) has now closed and I am very pleased indeed with the number of people who have engaged with this process: over 1,000 people attended the forums and more than 300 written submissions were received during the six-week consultation period. I would like to thank all individuals and organisations for the time and careful consideration you have given in providing feedback on the Review.

This feedback will be considered by the Review’s Expert Advisory Group and will be pivotal in shaping their advice to me about whether, and if so how, to change the structure of our current grant program.

The alternative models presented in the consultation paper were designed to explore a number of different ideas about how we might better structure our grant program. The outcome we are seeking is a grant program which supports research effectively and efficiently across the full spectrum of health and medical research needs, from discovery through to research in clinical practice, public health and health services delivery. Your responses are proving extremely helpful in understanding the possible impact of the alternative models across these diverse areas.

We now have a major body of work to complete in considering your feedback, modelling the effects of various grant structures and reaching a decision on how to proceed. We understand how important that decision is for the Australian health and medical research sector. It will be taken with great care, drawing on all the advice available to us.

Thank you again for your contribution to this important process.

The NHMRC website will be updated throughout the year as the Structural Review progresses.