Who is responsible for reducing waste in medical research


On this week's Radio National Health Report Norman Swan spoke with Professor Paul Glasziou, Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine at Bond University about wasted health and medical research.  Listen to the broadcast here.  Paul and Iain Chambers have also written a BMJ opinion piece  "Funders and regulators are more important than journals in fixing the waste in research".  In the piece they argue that

journals come too late in the research production process to have much influence on four of the five stages of waste: the choice of research questions, the quality of design, the efficiency of conduct, and the submission of final reports, and have most influence on the fifth stage of complete and clear reporting. We will of course cheer on the efforts of journals, institutions, researchers, and others to reduce waste in research, but we suggest that it is funders and regulators who have the principal power to implement most of the solutions needed.