Research Australia Report – COVID-19 How Australia’s health and medical research sector is responding

Research Australia has published a report; COVID-19 How Australia's health and medical research sector is responding

The report captures the responses from a call out to Research Australia’s membership across the health and medical research and innovation pipeline in April 2020. Members were asked for examples of the types of COVID-19 research they are undertaking, demonstrating the depth and breadth of research underway.

A snapshot of the all these activities, it is not a complete catalogue of all COVID-19 related research underway in Australia currently. It does, however, provide a useful insight into the incredible response the Australian health and medical research and innovation sector is making to this pandemic.

The approach taken in the report is to describe the research on a state-by-state and territory basis. Much of the research is being undertaken in collaborations that are crossing state and international boundaries, so almost none of the research is limited to one state or territory.

The research and innovation has been grouped where applicable under the main themes of:

Understanding the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2;

Vaccine development; Therapies, Testing and Diagnostics;

Health System and Workforce; and Community.

To read the full report please click here.