HSRAANZ 2019 Awards – Highly Commended PhD Paper -Jodie Bailie



The manuscript titled: "Comparing and contrasting 'innovation platforms' with other forms of professional networks for strengthening primary healthcare systems for Indigenous Australians", was published in 2018 in the BMJ Global Health as an open access article. The manuscript received much attention soon after its publication – it was widely shared and discussed across social media platforms, and the interest continues to grow.

The manuscript makes two notable contributions. First, it brings together examples of professional networks (communities of practice; practice-based research networks; quality improvement collaboratives; and innovation platforms) for health systems strengthening, demonstrating the connections between them and identifying their respective unique features. This is important because, given the multidisciplinary nature of global health and development, and of health systems research, these different forms of professional networks have been developed, discussed and applied within different disciplines. By bringing them together, the paper facilitates cross-disciplinary learning that is essential for knowledge generation and advancement.

The second contribution it makes is that by showing the distinctive characteristics of innovation platforms, the manuscript presents an example of how to study and progressively improve efforts to scale up health systems innovations, within or across nations. This is particularly important in global efforts to scale up programmes (e.g. to prevent and control non-communicable diseases) that particularly require the sharing of learning across jurisdictions. For such initiatives, as demonstrated in the manuscript, innovation platforms can be used as vehicles for sharing implementation experience and spreading innovations.

Professor David Peiris is Jodie's primary PhD supervisor; along secondary supervisors Dr Seye Abimbola; Professor Roxanne Bainbridge; Associate Professor Megan Passey; and Dr Frances Cunningham.

Bailie J, Cunningham FC, Bainbridge RG, et al. Comparing and contrasting ‘innovation platforms’ with other forms of professional networks for strengthening primary healthcare systems for Indigenous Australians. BMJ Global Health 2018;3:e000683. doi:10.1136/ bmjgh-2017-000683 (Publishers site)

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