HSRAANZ Forum - The Pros and Cons of PROMs and PREMs

Abstract Submission Form

RESEARCH DETAILS (300 word limit)

Scholarships are being offered to assist Indigenous researchers from Australia and New Zealand to present at the forum.
Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of the scientific excellence of the paper submitted and its contribution to health services research; appropriateness of the budget and funding requested; awards will be made with the aim of maximising benefits from the funds to the health services research community as a whole.

Attach one A4 sheet addressing how you meet the criteria and why you believe you would be a deserving and/or worthy recipient of a scholarship. Please address: why you need financial assistance to attend; how you will benefit from attending; how the forum will benefit from your attendance; the relevance and impact of the research that you will be presenting.
Attach a detailed itinerary and budget. Applicants with other sources of funding available should specify amounts to be covered from these sources, and the minimum funding required to make their trip feasible; applicants who have attempted to seek additional funding are more likely to be favourably considered by the committee; applicants with an extended trip should provide information about the remainder of their itinerary and travel cost and clearly specify the expenditure that is attributable to items that are eligible for sponsorship.
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