HSRAANZ Submission to the final consultation on New Zealand’s first prioritisation vehicle for health research

In 2017, the first 10-year New Zealand Health Research Strategy was released, with 4 strategic priorities, the first of which is to “invest in excellent health research that addresses the health needs of all New Zealanders.” Four actions support this priority, beginning with “prioritise investments through an inclusive priority-setting process.” To this end, a discussion document was released in September 2018 and a further consultation document in March 2019. After feedback has been analysed, the final prioritisation model will be published in June 2019 and health research funders including the HRC, the Ministry of Health, MBIE and the National Science Challenges will then be required to prioritise their funding in line with the model.

The most recent consultation document can be found at http://www.hrc.govt.nz/sites/default/files/Consultation%20Document%20-%20March%202019_0.pdf HSRAANZ made a submission which you can read here.

We were particularly pleased to see the support for health services research and the strong focus on equity in the revised document. It will be important to see these now translate into future funding opportunities.