HSRAANZ Webinar Recording Now Available – Two statistical techniques for evaluating natural policy experiments in public health.

Presented by Heather Brown, Senior Lecturer in Health Economics at Newcastle University, UK. 

Tuesday 9 April 2019 



In this webinar, I will introduce the statistical techniques of difference in differ

ence approach and interrupted time series.  These are before/after study designs which can be used to evaluate natural policy experiments/public health interventions where a randomised control trial is not possible.  In the seminar I will discuss what type of data you will need to use these techniques, the basic underlying assumptions of the models, and how you would estimate them in practice.  To illustrate how to estimate these models and interpret the results, I will use the examples of the introduction of minimum pricing of alcohol in Scotland (difference-in-difference) and impact of sugar sweetened beverage tax on number of dental caries in children aged 7-10 (interrupted time series). 


Heather Brown

Heather Brown is a Senior Lecturer in Health Economics at Newcastle University, UK.  Her research interests are in the evaluation of public health interventions and understanding intervention generated inequalities and how these relate to the social determinants of health.  In 2018, she published a book on policy evaluation methods for public health researchers (Brown H. The Economics of Public Health: Evaluating Public Health Interventions. Palgrave Pivot, 18).   Heather works regularly with policy and practice partners in local government and Public Health England.