Join/Renew - 2015 Memberships

We encourage you to join the Association using our secure online membership and payment system

**Join Now**

If you would prefer to pay manually by cheque, credit card or direct transfer into our bank account please contact Sarah Green at or phone 02 9514 4723

Membership Options for 2015

Corporate membership AUD $1600 + $160 GST = $1760 per calendar year.

Individual membership AUD $120 + $12 GST = $132 per calendar year

Student membership (Postgraduate and PhD) (Full time students only, proof of status required ) AUD $70 + $7 GST = $77 per calendar year

Retired Membership AUD $70 + $7 GST = $77 per calendar year

(Must have been a member for the last 2 years and have permanently withdrawn from the paid workforce)

Student (undergraduate) AUD $50+$5 GST = $55

Please note: if you reside outside Australia your membership subscription is GST free. Please select the appropriate international membership.

**Special Offer**

Two year memberships are also available. Individuals joining for two years (2015 and 2016) will receive a $40 discount on the cost of a two year membership.

Individual 2 year membership AUD $200 + $20 GST = $220

Student 2 year membership (Postgraduate and PhD) AUD $100 + $10 GST = $110

Retired 2 year Membership AUD $100 + $10 GST = $110

Student (undergraduate) 2 year membership AUD $60 +$6 GST = $66

More Information on Membership Types and Benefits

Corporate membership - recognises the importance of centres and groupings of health services researchers in building research infrastructure, providing training and professional development. Corporate members work through a forum of corporate members, which provides the means by which the perspectives and views of centres and other groups can be represented by the Association.

As a Corporate member your organisation receives tangible benefits, contributes to development of the health services research sector, raises its profile and demonstrates that it is a leader in the field of health services research.

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