Lancet Article on the key recommendations from the recent WHO world report on ageing and health

An article published in the Lancet  “The World report on ageing and health: a policy framework for healthy ageing” highlights key findings and recommendations from the recent WHO World report on ageing and  health.  

The Who report reviews  current knowledge and gaps and provides a public health framework for action. The report is built around a redefinition of healthy ageing that centres on the notion of functional ability: the combination of the intrinsic capacity of the individual, relevant environmental characteristics, and the interactions between the individual and these characteristics.

Of particular note is the table on Key areas for action on healthy ageing on page 2151.

For your convenience – here are my summary notes and points of interest.

  • Changing focus and terminology
    • from life expectancy to healthy life expectancy based on assessments of functional ability
    • focus on combination of individual factors and environmental factors as predictors of outcome
    • data presented to highlight key changes in functional ability by life stage and income – good market insights data
  • New prediction analysis to map changing demography based on income levels and OECD/non-OECD countries – an interesting opportunity for international benchmarking
  • Translation of this data into public health policy to drive investment into healthy living initiatives and preventative health focus
  • Policy focus areas: Presented in a table Key areas for action on healthy ageing on page 2151.
    1. Alignment of systems to suit consumers including workforce, location of services, equity of access
    2. Long term care strategies
    3. Age friendly environments and policies
    4. Improve measurement, monitoring and understanding, including research and improved data collection and availability