March Update: NHMRC’s progress with the Structural Review of the NHMRC Grant Programme

The Expert Advisory Group for the Structural Review of NHMRC’s Grant Programme held its first meeting in February 2016. The meeting focussed on the NHMRC’s current grant programme, with discussion of programme data and the potential challenges to be addressed. Members also considered examples of grant programmes in other countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The next Expert Advisory Group meeting will be held in late April 2016. The focus of this meeting will be on further considering the challenges facing NHMRC’s grant programme and advising about alternative structures.

It is anticipated that a Discussion Paper will be released for public comment in the second half of June 2016. This paper will include the key data and information about the structure of NHMRC’s current grant programme as well as possible alternative structures. NHMRC will also host a number of open forums in July in various locations across Australia for researchers and organisations to provide feedback. Further information about these forums, including how to register, will be provided via NHMRC Tracker closer to the dates.