MRFF and the NHMRC Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres (AHRTCs)


The NHMRC has accredited four Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres (AHRTCs) to date:


  • Melbourne Academic Centre for Health
  • Monash Partners
  • Sydney Health Partners,
  • SA Academic Health Science and Translation Centre



The four accredited AHRTCs have formed an Alliance and a recent communique described discussions with the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing in relation to the MRFF and opportunities for the AHRTCs to undertake prioritised research through their partners that align with MRFF priorities. These activities will have to align with MRFF priorities across:


  • Clinical pathways and care transition: by building collaboration across the care continuum, enhancing data integration and strengthening health services, implementation, and public and preventive research capacity and activity
  • Clinical variation: by driving data linkage and integration as key to understanding and reducing unwarranted variation in clinical care and outcome
  • Improving the health of vulnerable groups including those with chronic co-morbidities, those towards the end of life and disadvantaged ethnic and Indigenous groups


Currently discussions are limited to one year of support. This support would be shared across the 4 accredited AHRTC's equally with each AHRTC developing and submitting prioritised initiatives in the form of:


  • Exemplar projects that align with MRFF priorities and are in the advanced stages of development, can begin immediately, and can increase in pace and scale to deliver tangible patient and public benefit
  • Prioritised systems level activities agreed across the AHRTC Alliance that align with MRFF priorities

The AHRTC directors will continue to engage their partners through their respective governance structures and leadership over the coming weeks as these possibilities take shape.

The Association’s President Jon Karnon recently met with Professor Steve Wesselingh (head of the SA Academic Health Science and Translation Centre) to get an update on progress and to emphasise and discuss the Association’s potential role in promoting and supporting the conduct of high quality health services research as part of the MRFF.