Sax Institute launches new online vehicle for public health research

The Sax Institute has launched Public Health Research & Practice, an online-only open access peer reviewed public health journal, with a strong focus on the connection between research, policy and practice.

In its launch issue the quarterly journal focuses on systems thinking in chronic disease prevention and how we can innovate to systemically address environmental and societal problems that harm our health and cause lifestyle-related disease.

Public Health Research & Practice represents a new direction for the NSW Public Health Bulletin, which was published for nearly a quarter of a century by the NSW Ministry of Health. The new journal, which remains supported by the Ministry, will build on the Bulletin’s history and move forward with a sharpened focus on cutting-edge, original research that is relevant to practitioners and policy makers.

“We hope the journal’s focus on innovations, data and perspectives from policy and practice will help drive the use of research to support policy makers and public health practitioners in their work,” the journal’s Editor, Ms Anne Messenger, said.

“Our journal aims to make a real-world impact on public health policy and practice. We are looking for innovative work others can learn from, high-quality research, and perspectives from policy and practice.”

The journal is guided by an expert editorial board, chaired by Editor-in-Chief and Sax Institute CEO Professor Sally Redman.
Readers can subscribe to receive free quarterly e-alerts when the journal is published, make suggestions about themes or topics for future issues, submit manuscripts and follow the journal on Twitter @phrpjournal.