Here are just a few reasons to support the Health Services Research Association of Australia and New Zealand

Strength in numbers

The HSRAANZ is the only Association in Australia and New Zealand that brings together and supports individuals and organisation with the shared goal of promoting the best health services research and evidence based policy in order to improve health and health services. It showcases the best in health services research and enables the profession to speak with one voice. If you support the Association’s mission and goals then you should be a member.

Learning and Professional Development

The Association is a hub for learning and professional development in health services research and policy. It co-ordinates the pre-eminent health services and policy research conference in Australia and New Zealand, as well as monthly methodology and research webinars, workshops and seminars.

Stay Informed and Take Control of your Career

We are all busy people and staying across the latest developments in the sector gets harder with the proliferation of social media outlets. As well as our regular events on the most topical issues our website and news bulletins synthesize the latest health services news, research, career advice and opportunities and events to keep you ahead in your career.

Enhance your Professional Network

Making the right connections is critical to career success and joining the HSRAANZ gives countless opportunities to connect at a local, national and international level with the best and brightest in your chosen profession.   From attending and presenting at our biennial conference, joining our monthly webinars, being part of one of our special interests groups (or proposing your own),   volunteering on our Executive Committee, conference organising committee, or helping to run a local event. Or connecting via our Facebook page, twitter or starting a dialogue via a post or comment to our website.

Give Back to Health Services Research

An essential goal of the Association is to build capacity in health services research which requires supportive, vibrant and sharing culture, where knowledge and expertise is shared between peers and the next generation of researchers.

The Association runs a formal mentoring scheme for its members, but informal mentoring is just as important and relies on active members prepared to share their research and expertise through presentations, articles, opinion pieces and blogs and to encourage new members.   So whether you are a new researcher, with lots to learn or a seasoned academic with years of experience join now and get actively involved by attending an event, submitting an article, responding to a request for information and opinions.

“If you light a lamp for someone it will also brighten your own path” Buddhist proverb.

Professional Recognition

“Blow your own trumpet”.   Use your membership to have your work and efforts and that of your staff and colleagues recognised by nominating for one of our annual prizes and awards which showcase the best in the health services research profession. Share your career successes, projects, publications, research results and policy impact.

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