World Report on Health Policy and Systems Research


World Report on Health Policy and Systems Research

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Editors: WHO
Number of pages: 36
Publication date: 2017
Languages: English
ISBN: 9789241512268



The report describes the evolution of the field and provides figures on the number of publications produced, funding trends and institutional capacity in LMICs to conduct HPSR. It provides insight into how the multidisciplinary and systems approach used in HPSR can help countries advance the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) agenda.


After twenty years of existence, health policy and systems research is now recognized as an important multiple disciplinary field that is essential for strengthening health systems globally and nationally.This report shows how the field has evolved.It still needs to be more widely embraced by the broader health research community and national policy-makers.It still needs a critical mass of support from the research community.There are still many challenges ahead, as described here, which will require changing mindsets and opening of boundaries to policy-relevant research supporting health systems.The field is ready, with innovative science and new multidisciplinary partnerships, for the next leap forward towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.At a minimum, this will require a paradigm shift in the use of HPSR to guide policy and programmes and a phase shift in the quantity and quality of HPSR produced.